Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot Topics: Obama press conference on health care


  1. I don't have healthcare. One out of every five of my friends (we are entertainers) have health insurance. They just don't get it.

  2. Competiton does not work for healthcare. I live in Britain and we have the NHS. It's not perfect, but no government no even a conservative one would touch it as it is politically not viable. It is not a charity as everyone pays in and take out. Competition for things like the post office , fair enough, because you can choose not to send things. Health care everyone NEEDS at least once. The basis of a fair society is you treat people on need and not on wealth, particulary in a recession where people are losing jobs and have less money. Education and healthcare should be paid for by government and be free. If a millionaire got cancer , and a guy who earns say $15,000 a year got cancer, the millionaire would get better treatment, and have more chance of living. That is wrong,morally. No questions.

  3. ** I meant above that a conservaitve government would not touch the NHS as the public would not allows them and it wouldn't be viable as they wouldn't be voted. Not that the NHS isn't viable.


  5. Yep, the bib is back!!

  6. Whoopie looks hungover again
    Ladies a liitle bitchy today?
    oh boy!

    once again bitsy makes it a partisan arguement
    "oh the democrats" "what about the democrats"
    good lord bitsy its healthcare reform she is a wingnut her opinion means nothing!
    yeah the *blue dog* dems are trying to block it
    and joy who tried to get the point across that both sides who happen to be rich doesnt care about this country!

    one word LOBBIEST *SP*
    while bitsy and the rest of them are living in 4 million dollar penthouses!
    there is a problem in america that needs solved!!

  7. your country is bankrupt.

    Solutions don't just pop out of a balloon, you will soon be in a prison camp slaving away to pay up the other countries that have slaved away to lend you money. It's just how it works, you Americans are used to thinking the money comes out of nowhere.

    Check out the shoes you're wearing, you'll be making some yourself for pennies if you keep demanding this kind of money, and defending it too. You're not the only country to not have good healthcare. Tough tits. In my country where we have universal healthcare hundreds of people die waiting in a line to talk to a doctor. This kind of stuff just doesn't work, and we're not bankrupt like you, in fact we lend you money.

    The only reason why your country hasn't been completely taken over is because you have those guns still, but as soon as they convince you to give them away for cash and benefits, which you'll be forced to need, then it's full on police state for you.

  8. Every nation that cares about its OWN citizens has universal health care.

    U.S. is the only developped country that let's its own citizens live without healthcare. Rich and those with jobs can afford it and those poor people - who cares? Good luck! Oh, and those that have insurance aren't covered for every procedure.

  9. Ha you can tell elizabeth has never studied economics cant you??

  10. Whoopi's daughter comes off as a spoiled brat. Looks like she wanted her bitter face on the tv where it doesn't belong.


  11. I Love You Joy

  12. healthcare is every human rights the gov't should do something. not letting the insurance insdustry rules. my friend told me citizens in us pay much higher insurance then my country. with same value healthcare.i hope us economy recover soon. i luv american ppl.

  13. Elizabeth said something about competitive health insurance being better than anything government run...


    Health insurance companies haven't had the moral decency to operate competitively or with any sensitivity to the idea that health care is a right for everyone, for the rich and the poor.

    I'm glad the government is finally stepping in. Competition will still exist. Also, the public option will cover the people health insurers weren't willing to cover anyway, so why are these companies freaking out?

  14. I have no clue why Joy has a job in the entertainment business or why people like her. She talks about health care when she could use to lose a few pounds herself. I would like her and people that support a public option to tell me why. Don't tell me that it will be free health care. Tell me specific reasons why this plan would work. Joy does nothing but spout things she hears on other news channels. Pathetic.

    Also, having worked in the health care industry for a bit, did you know that it costs hospitals $1 million dollars to conduct a brain surgery and I believe that same amount to install machines from GE? Why don't you start getting on these facts, instead of talking about health insurance.

    I am not a person that thinks it's fair for someone that makes $1 million to then pay 60% taxes. Now for the person that is making 10 million and above, totally understandable.

  15. Annon @ 7.16 - it's not about being FREE health care, but FAIR health care. Public health plans are not a charity, but a fair option with the intrests of the patient and not profit. Of course good health care is expensive, America has probably the best in the world. Therefore, every citizen should have access to it regardless of wealth.

  16. you should go NHS!! pay yur taxes then turn up with a broen leg nd get a cast on it then leave you dnt pay a penny!! of course you hav to pay for some things tho nothing in this world is free if yu hav a full time job yu hav to pay for your doctors prescription which is like £7 sumething!! and i think if you work you have to pay for tha dentist too but i dno im only 17 so dont have to pay a penny yet woooooo but in a way my mum does with her taxes!!