Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Don't understand how Lester can claim to not have edited anything out when he/she admitted to doing so in the first segment with Elisabeth's statement and her final segment about birth. Delusional, much?"

I admitted to edit out Bitsy's part on the 1st segment? Prove it and show me.

The only reason the last part was cut off was because of the 11 mins time limit on Youtube.

Today I came back at around 11:30am and the show already ended. I started editing and encoding without even watching the show. So, tell me, how do I knowing edited out Bitsy's segment if I didn't know it was about her? However, I will not promote her plagarized book.

People like you want to make me not do this anymore.
Hot Topics: Chris Brown pleads guilty to Rihanna assault and gets probation but no jail time; GLAAD wants Perez to apologize his anti-gay slurp; Bitsy sued by diet book author for plagarism

Hot Topics: A Nixon's tape reveals that Barabara Walters will get an interview with Kissinger; South Carolina Govenor Mark Sanford reveals his mystery trips; girl with tattooed face admits she lied

Guest: Joan Rivers

Bitsy to explore diffenent birthing options