Wednesday, April 29, 2009

IKEA, camping, Hawaiian Vacation
Opening Segment

Nascar, Talladega Speedway
Guest: Nascar Driver Carl Edwards

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Best Picture, Oscar
Guest: Michael Douglas (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past)

Faryl Smith CD
Guest: Faryl Smith

Faryl Smith CD
Faryl Smith performs "The River of Light"

Hawaii Vacation, wikiki, travelwizard.com
A Montage of Ellen's best surprises and scares from the first six seasons; Manny going to Iraq

New York, NYC, New York
Hot Topics: Sherri hung out at WWF; Sarah Jessica Parker expecting twins; Swine Flu;

Orlando Florida
Hot Topics: Arlen Specter switching to Democrat side; Sean Hannity & waterboarding; Dancing with the Stars & American Idol

Netflix streaming DVD, Blockbuster DVD
Guest: Marlee Matlin (I'll Scream Later)

Juicing, Green Smoothie, South Beach Diet, Zone Diet
How to lose 5 pounds on fast food with Keri Glassman