Monday, March 16, 2009

The Ellen DeGeneres Show 03/16/09

Ellen's Twiiter update: 200,478 followers

Opening Segment

Guest: Portia de Rossi

Guest: Portia de Rossi

Ellen & Portia play the "The Newlywed Game"

Guest: American Idol rejects, Jasmine Murray & Jorge Nunez

Ellen & Portia sing in the bathroom; Ipod giveaway

The Extended Version

The View 03/16/09

Hot Topics: Weight, looks & age of women in politics; Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer; AIG still giving out bonuses

Hot Topics: The economy; McCain and George Stephanopoulos will be doing a twitter interview; celebrities relationship; Ron Silver passed away over the weekend; SNL had another View skit (clip of SNL is below)

Guest: Meghan McCain

Guest: Author Jean Chatzky (The Difference) - "8 steps to financial success"

Here's the clip of SNL from Hulu which had to be edited out from my video