Friday, February 27, 2009

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Second Segment

Guest: David Arquette

Guest: Brandt Bickford (Ellen's favorite 6-year-old solar system expert)

Fall Out Boy performs "Folie a Deux"

Guest: Yogi Cameron Alborzian
Ellen took a yoga class from this guy and he changed her life

Hot Topics: Jokes & Minority; Smoking & Movies

Guest: Rob Lowe (Brothers & Sisters)

Joy Behar's Month-in-ReView

Joy took us on a look back with her "Month in ReView," in which she gave us the run down of all the hilarious events that occurred around here over the last month.

Guest: Jason Mesnick ("The Bachelor")

Jason Mesnick was here to answer all of our burning questions. He cleared up the internet rumors that are swirling around about the finale and whether or not he is in love right now. He told us a little bit about what he loves about the remaining two contestants Molly and Melissa!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Opening Segment

Second Segment

Guest: Mario Lopez

Fabio Vivani ("Top Chef" reject) gives a cooking demonstration

The Bird & The Bee perform "Love Letter to Japan"

Celebrity look alikes

Hot Topics: American Idol; Top Chef; Organ Donation

Hot Topics: Chris Brown & Rihanna & Relationship abuse

Hot Topics: Mixed breed turned away from Westminster Dog Show

Mutt Dog Show

Mutt Dog Show