Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Ellen DeGeneres Show 03/30/09

Opening Segment: "Sumove It, Move It" ("Bee Line to the Coconut")

Second Segment: Former Big Stimulus recipients to report from the red carpet at the Kids’ Choice Awards

Guest: Halle Berry to promote her own fragrance line

"Sumove It, Move It"

Flo Rida performs "Right Round" & "Low"

The View 03/31/09

Hot Topics: Madonna bid to adopt her second child from Malawi was delayed until Friday amid growing concerns and opposition from the child's family and charities; Dancing With the Stars; Sherri’s pilot for Lifetime; Laura Ling & Euna Lee will be tried in North Korea

Hot Topics: FDA investigating salmonella-tainted pistachios; Whoopie and her fear of flying; A woman is suing for divorce after she caught her husband cheating on Google street view

Hot Topics: Angie Harmon said she is not racist because she disagree with Obama; Good Morning America recreated a famous doll experiment which gave insight into race relations and the self-esteem of children

Guest: Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors)

Guest: Alyssa Milano (Safe at Home)