Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hot Topics: Sherri & MVP again; Plus-Size clothes sales are down


  1. Again, Sherri shows her naivity...this man does not really like you Sherri. He is using you for publicity because he's a grade C celebrity and wrestler. No one ever heard of him before you started drooling about him on The View.

  2. Oh yes and Sherri...nice reverse weight discrimination there honey. Calling Paris Hilton a LIGHT POLE is no more mature than someone calling you a mammoth. People really show their green eye with envy when they are always so negative against a CERTAIN SPECIFIC thing about women. I'm no fan of Elizabeth but i rarely hear her tear down other women the way Joy and Sherri do. They clearly have insecurities with themselves and its sad that the world has to see it played out. Yet most women in their audience are overweight and stubborn..refuse to see who the REAL culprit is when it comes to their personal stuggle with weight. Its not God's, it's not men's it's not thin women's, or women with curves, it's not the fast food restaurants..its THEIRS!

  3. Angelina...I totally agree with you! It's nice to see a voice of reason on this site. :)

  4. realy angelina
    she tried to tear down MO

  5. but i do agree with you on your points about sherry
    but hey she got good publicity
    being on the WWE
    its showbiz

  6. To Angelina and Michelle

    Sherri is actually often very generous with other women. She has given many "slimmer women" a lot of compliments. She always praises women from Dancing with the star and I can for instance recall that she has given Melissa from the Bachelor loads of compliments. The same with Joy.

    So I don't think your arguments hold.

  7. So, running down Sherri, Joy and 'most' women in the audience is okay?
    'Pot, kettle, sydrome' seems to be at work here.

  8. Most women need to lose weight folks. I am not here to say that I'm miss skinny but I at least won't act like some of these ladies do. Whoopi, Joy and Sherri both are so catty when it comes to other women in general. Take a look in the mirror before you start attacking.

    And Sweden, I don't really see how you defended Sherri that well to destroy Angelina's argument.

  9. @from Sweden, there is a difference in being THIN like Paris Hilton and fit/slim like the women Sherri has complimented. And i think she compliments them on "que" from her ear mic. That snide comment she made about "light pole" was a direct and clear, non provoked opinion of how she feels of thinner women. Period.

  10. @Hettrek,

    How is me saying that "most" women in the audience need to blame themselves over their unhealthy lifestyle and not "celebrities" "random men" considered running someone down? It's fact. Most of their audience consist of middle aged, overweight women. So of COURSE they're going to applaud when Paris Hilton is called a light pole..lol

  11. Angelina ~ You have to understand...many people that live abroad are also commenting on this site.

    They tend to disagree with anyone that makes highly sensible thoughts. So take no personal offense. :) I totally agree with you!

  12. Wow, michelle71, what with you going to law school and having done all this super-duper travelling and studying abroad that makes you such a brilliant and well-rounded person with such valid opinions, I am shocked that you would make a comment that "people from abroad" tend to disagree with highly sensible people - I'm sure the people who disagree with you are pretty evenly split Americans and foreign people - you don't speak for the whole of the United States. I happen to agree with you on this point and -shock horror - am British. But I've decided never to comment on this site again, especailly not to you, as you are so irrational and generalising. "People that live abroad tend to disagree with anyone that makes highly sensible thoughts". Christ.

    Oh, and by the way, you don't "make" a thought, you "have" a thought.

  13. Sarah ~ I apologize if you thought that the two thoughts were linked. They were separate. There are many people from abroad that come to this site. That is not me saying that the people from abroad disagree with people making highly sensible thoughts.

    I am merely just saying that most people on this site, tend to lean towards a more moderate, left-leaning view. Of course there are conservatives and of course there are purely people that just like the show. I think we need to get back to where we are commenting purely on the show, instead of the commentary. We're all going to think differently on it, but there's got to be a stop to it. You can't have 8/10 people yelling at Elisabeth for her viewpoint. Sometimes people will agree with her...but then they follow that with a phrase like...*shock* or something else to infer that she is clueless on topics.

    That said, it's insane for any person to think that one person (Elisabeth or myself) "represent" a party. I am fiscally conservative, socially conservative and don't entirely believe in the global warming initiative. I believe that we need to do things to curtail the further deterioration of the country/world as a whole. But I don't think this should be brought about at the loss of freedom for capitalism. I believe in competition pricing. And I believe in personalized health care vs. government health care. Beyond that, there's nothing political to discuss.

    I apologize if I have offended anyone and will thus refrain from political outbursts as overall I do enjoy hearing individual's thoughts. I just wish the hate (on both sides) would be less and less. I will do my best to try my part at it.

  14. Thank you michelle for your lovely response - I'm glad you were so civil as looking at my comment I realise I really wasn't, so your response was proabably more than I deserve! So I apologise.

    I also compltely agree with you on people being horrible to Elisabeth - although I often disagree with her I completely respect her and think she is a highly intelligent and articulate woman, and I do agre with her sometimes. I also think she is incredibly brave to get up infront of an audience every day to talk about her views and know that as mostly liberals they are generally going to disagree with her, and she seems to constantly have to defend herself. She's a damned sight braver than Joy (who I actually find quite annoying!) who just has to say the word "Bush" and the audience claps and is behind her. It's a shame. And people on here are often the same!
    And it really isn't only you who has political outbursts, and I really want you to know I wasn't picking on you for your political views, or the fact that you're a conservative.