Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hot Topics: Dick Cheney supports same-sex marriage; Sacha Baron Cohen's stunt on Eminem prank was reported as staged


  1. Well, isn't it great now that Cheney isn't running for office he can say whatever he wants? I bet he's only saying this to improve his image.

    I think the only reason Obama won't say he supports gay marriage is because he's afraid of what it could do to him politically.

  2. the panel seems off today
    joy esp
    lay off the instant tan bitsy
    and bitsy has a sarcastic sense of humour
    lol so do i she was likable today
    till she started the same ol but obama obama cant you hear me what about obama?!?!?!

  3. Or maybe Obama just doesn't believe in gay marriage as an institution of marriage.

    And there is nothing wrong with Elisabeth. Get over the namecalling, please. Thank you.

  4. i agree with you kevo
    cheny is full of it
    he should be in prison so should bush and rumsfield
    but that kind of talk isnt productive
    we need to move on and try to stand on the moral ground america was founded on and held before cheny and company destroyed "the shining light on the hill"

    gay marriage its the new civil rights movement
    the sky will not fall if gays marry!!

  5. michelle71,

    who called bitsy a name?
    i dont see any "namecalling"

  6. Then please let me know why her name is bitsy to begin with?

  7. i really dont like it when BW is on the panel...am I alone? i sometimes think the other ladies perfer it when she isnt there too...BW always makes silly comments which don't add much to the discussion...

  8. same reason some call barbara "babs"
    or whoppie "whoopes"
    she is bitsy
    come on why are you being so defence?
    the only reason you dont like the nickname bitsy is because its usualy followed up by.....
    well you know

  9. I guess I don't understand people that don't spell things the correct way or by the correct name. No biggie. I am not here to understand everyone on this site. :)

  10. Of course it was staged. Isn't everyone over this whole ho-ha that the MTV Awards and all these celebrities create. YAWN

    Speaking of being staged, I just read an article that Pink plays a taped audience roar after performing her songs. Don't know if it's true, but given the things that are staged these days, wouldn't surprise me.

    Was a funny first segment.

  11. ok michelle

    what are you the grammer police?
    geeze your just pissed cause you feel like this is a liberal site and being rude
    i noticed since lester didnt post the b-day segment
    bitsy fans and anti obama reteric has picked up

  12. Or I could just not like people that spell things wrong. You're on a computer. You have access to a dictionary. If you would like to bring the liberal argument into this, that's your own vendetta. I find arguing with liberals trivial lately. They have nothing new to say.

  13. michelle

    you are only commenting to bait and be rude
    that is the defintion of troll
    got that from my online dictionary

    all this anger cause i call lizzy "bitsy"

  14. It's terms like these that reinforce my desire for law school. Thank you for reaffirming my educational endeavors day in and day out. :)

  15. ummm ok
    good luck
    wish you the best
    that was an irelavant statment
    wtf does that have to do with the view ?
    oh wait!!!
    your trying to come off as well educated on your pedastool
    where us libs are scum
    like i said TROLL
    but to each thier own
    oh yeah and by the way since you had to point out how educated you are
    it was prob a lie

  16. Last comment of the evening to you:

    You're a hypocrite. By your definition, stop TROLLING me. Thank you. :)

    Learn to spell. It'll help in real life situations. Have a nice evening! Enjoy Rachel & Keith! :)

    Oh...and please don't call me Michelle. That's not my name. It's merely my account created to post on this site. Get it...Michelle...thought it was clever myself.

    Ciao! :)

  17. no i dont find it clever its just a name
    and no i dont get it??? what am i supposed to call you? its your f**king screename?

    and i dont watch msnbc
    i wasnt trolling you
    you trolled by accusing me of name calling
    which lead to a heated debate

  18. leave michelle she is a troll just ignore them

  19. dick cheney supporting gay marriage? geez...the GOP must be in really deep trouble and desperately attempt to be 'progressive' to capture young supporters

  20. I think Ellen is going to have a new episode at some point this week. I hope you can upload it Lester! : )

  21. Cheney was in office for 8 years and did nothing for The Gay rights movement. Action speaks louder than words. And so far I have seen no action from Cheney when it comes to Gay rights.

    And if you listen to what Cheney actually says in his speech - he never mentiones the word MARRIAGE he use the word UNION. That is a big difference and Cheney know this.

  22. Obama doesn't believe in gay marriage either. Are you going to yell at Obama for his thoughts on it too?

  23. Yes I would. I think Obama is wrong on this issue. I don't idolize or defend leaders when I belive they are wrong or when they are lying.

    But we were talking about Cheney now. At least Obama doesn't try to disort his words or misrepresent his view on the issue. At least we know Obama's true belif on Gay marriage. At least Obama hasn't lied.

    It's hard to defend a man who has a record of lying. It's hard to defend a man who will go down in history for lying and constantly misrepresenting his view for the whole world.

  24. Dick Cheney and George Bush won't go down for any such things as are being discussed now. It's crazy to think that they would.

    As for Obama lying and Obama rhetoric, he has done so in many incidents. (Gitmo, taxes, government control, his Muslim heritage, ACORN, etc.). I won't go into that because this is not the kind of blog for that sort of discussion.

    What I don't get...is if people have such a disdain or what appears hatred, for our country, why do you continue to live here? What does America offer that living in Europe doesn't? I am perplexed by gays or anyone in general that want to live in a country where they don't agree with the governing laws.

  25. Wow. Are you really saying that people that don’t agree with you should move from America? Are you really saying that you belive in dictatorship? Because that is what you are describing. Wow – that is incredible. Are you saying that people that don’t agree with Bush and Cheney should move?

    Why is it so common that people who are critical against Bush and Cheney are accused for being anti Americans?

  26. Obama may be against same-sex marriage on the record, but so were all the other Democrats that had a chance in hell at winning (Edwards, Clinton). It's political, people. They knew it'd be harder to get elected if the Republicans were able to use gay marriage as a wedge issue like they did in 2004 (even though Kerry wasn't even pro gay marriage!!).

    Obama is on record as having supported gay marriage years ago back when he was running for the Illionis senate. It's clear his stance on gay marriage as it is right now is political, not personal.

  27. Don't worry From Sweden, there's no point in arguing with such an ignorant talking point. No one said they hate America. Politicians like Cheney and Bush are only people. Disliking them has nothing to do with being unpatriotic.

  28. michelle - if it were only so easy as to get up and leave the moment you don't like the policy being formed or for that matter being upheld. unfortunately we can't all be as rich and have such access to resources to get up and move everytime we don't like something. but if you do, by all means feel free to vacate the premises because you sure sound displeased. i'm sure we won't miss your ignorant rhetoric here.

    and as you said to me regarding one of my posts, take your conservative tirade somewhere else please!

  29. I am not saying for people to move or that I approve of dictatorships. What I'm saying is that I don't understand why ANYONE would want to live in a place (city, state, region, etc.) where they don't generally agree with the policy at hand. I've travelled abroad. I've studied abroad. (Germany, the Netherlands, Fiji, Australia, Mexico..travelled to/studied). I have nothing wrong with having different political discussions. I don't see the point of my getting yelled at because I have a conservative stance when every 2 seconds Elisabeth is being yelled at on this site. Why should this be a left-dominated site? That's my take on it.

    I'm a happy individual. Graduated with two degrees so far. Soon to be headed to law school. Supportive family. Volunteer work. Etc. Etc.

    My logic is just asking, if you don't like what's going on, why not move to an area that agrees with your logic/ideologies/interests? Sorry if that implied dictatorships. I didn't.

    On a side note, do you notice most conservatives making intense statements on various liberal sites? No. Most conservatives don't care. It's the liberal/left that tends to be negative.

    Keith Olbermann said that he would drop O'Reilly from his show's rhetoric. I'm hoping he does. I'm sure it'll do nothing to Fox's stellar ratings. :)

  30. hahaha! first of all Michelle, Olbermann's show is getting the highest number of viewers since its inception in the 18-35 year old category. so he is not worried about people watching him, nor does he need to bash BILL O to gain viewers or diminish BILL O's credibility. the people who watch Olbermann already have a firm grasp on BILL's tactics and rhetoric and they don't watch BILL. so why would Olbermann even care about BILL's ratings?

    and no one cares about how much you have accomplished or achieved on this site. and we don't care where you have travelled or studied. you can still be a happy person without a bunch of credentials, so I don't see your point to constantly pointing out what you have done. as someone currently abroad at the moment, i have begun showing your posts to the various exchange students from all over the world and they just laugh. it is people like you that give Americans a bad name. with your "get up and move" idea which is neither possible or plausible in most cases.

    ........and we bash YOU because you sound like a nut. sorry, we can't help it.

    I can already envision your argument now, "Liberals are so negative and angry!" yes, after the past 8 years we only expect the worse from our leaders and are still try to manage our anger for not only the BUSH ADMIN, but everyone who voted for him...TWICE! but I am still happy with my own life, so stop pulling the negative card. repubs are just as negative.....

  31. Christopher ~ let's drop the bickering please. Your points are moot and have no bearing on this blog site as a whole. No need to discuss political standpoints when we are opposite of one another.

    There's no point in trying to make sense out of anything you type. It's just better to disagree and continue on our pathways. However, one point of interest, the fact that you show exchange students my particular thoughts, speaks to your own level of tact and lack of activity/ participation in society. Please move on. I have.

    Olbermann's numbers are beyond dismal. The fact that you tried to sound intelligent with the 18-35 age range is just laughable. Give it up. No one watches MSNBC. And if you need further clarification, just check out the cable rankings. Continue your Fox News, Limbaugh tirade. After I type this message directed at you, I could care less. You are a negative personality. No need to focus on that in life.

    Time for positivity moving forward! :)

  32. The reason some people who are unhappy with the ways things are in this country don't up and move to another country is that we prefer to stay and fight. We raise our voices and vote our conscience to try and force our political leaders to live up to the ideals were were told our country stood for. The America I was raised to believe in does not torture people, does not declare war on countries that have not attacked us, does not wiretap its own citizens without due process, etc., etc., etc. Instead of leaving, I took a stand, volunteered, donated to causes that represented my belief and, lo and behold, the Republican majority was ousted from Congress and Obama was elected President. That's why we dont' leave. Because leaving means giving up and I'm not ready to hand my country over to people who would destroy it with their fear-based, hate-mongering politics.