Monday, May 25, 2009

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Guest: Soulja Boy Tellem


  1. Hate this idiot!

  2. Got to agree here, hate the music and everything else about him.

  3. why do black artist feel the need to display their wealth status by oversized gold accessories? didn't they realise it's incredibly tacky and tasteless?

    oh, don't get me started with the 'grills'. i wonder who the idiot that thought it was a great idea to create a bracers lined with gold and diamonds and stuff it in your mouth and give a big grin to display it to the photographers at red carpet events?

  4. Anon @ 1:56...

    There's nothing wrong with people wanting a lot of jewelry. As long as their bills are paid and they are not living off of YOUR tax dollars, then why do you care? Why are you critcizing other cultures? Do you like it when people criticize your french or german or italian or whatever type of culture? Only an idiot would criticize things he cant understand. You dont criticize Indians for wearing red dots on their heads or the geisha women for painting their face white, so why criticize blacks and their culture?

    It's racism like this that is screwing up our society. Instead of criticizing, why dont you seek understanding? What's the fun in us all being the same? Grow up and get over yourself. Let people be who they are, not what YOU want them to be. Have you ever heard of FREEDOM? Or do you prefer slavery with a hint of opression?

  5. Anon @ 1:56 pm:

    I totally agree with you. I don't think him or artists like him can form a proper grammatical sentence. It has nothing to do with his color, it has to do with the fact that he's uneducated. Now if he donated the same amount of money or even half that he spent on the jewelry, I would retract my statements. Until then, him and artists like him are just idiots.

  6. @2.09pm you are missing the point of what Anon 1.56 is saying - it's not an issue of race it's a matter of a gross display of material wealth! I also agree with them, wearing that amount of jewellery is tacky and tastless! Yes he has a "freedom" to wear what he wants and buy what he wants but you have to question why he feels the need to do this! By the way is wearing lots of jewellery part of a culture? LMAO!

  7. Anon 2:35...
    Wow.. Yes, it's a part of a culture. Egyptians, Indians, and many other people wore LOTS of oversized Gold and still do. I already know the reason why they feel the need to do this. Maybe you should ask yourself the same question and maybe then you wont feel the need to criticize it. Blacks are NOT the first group of people to wear over-sized jewelry; they are just the ONLY ones who get criticized for it. THEREFORE, it has everything to do with race.

    And to Anon@ 2:31... yes, he is not as articulate as YOU would want him to be but that doesnt mean that anything that he wears or does should be criticized. Do you donate half of everything you earn to charity? Why does he have to give the majority of the money that he has worked hard for to charity? And if you must know, most rappers do donate to charity. They usually go back to their old neighborhoods and help the children who are just as unfortunate as they USED to be. It may not be the charity that YOU want him to donate to, but it is charity work nonetheless.

    So, before you all spew your hatred for anything different from you, maybe you should get the full 411 on what you are criticizing, so that you won't come off as ill-informed bigots.

  8. From Sweden5/25/09, 2:58 PM

    To Anon 5/25/09 1:56 PM

    Not all hihoper live a flamboyant lifestyle. The majority does not. There are many hiphop acts like A tribe called quest, Arrested Development and the entire backpack or underground movement that advocate othe life qualaties in life. If you knew a little about hiphop you would know that these movements are widely known for using "wood jewellery" and not gold or diamonds.

    I question that you would say the same discriminatory comments about - let's say white celebrity females as Paris Hilton or Kimberly stewart. And no one really comments about wealthy white male and their expensive Armani suits. If we should follow your thought process than that would be a "tacky" display of wealth too.

    Calling other people "black, tacky, idiot" for no obvious reason says more of your level of class since classy people don't use that type of language to describe other humans.

    And lets be honest. The majority of people that buy BLOOD DIAMONDS are not black people but white people.

  9. Sweden....get some hobbies. All you do is talk about your liberal, European thoughts. It's like take a break once in awhile.

    Anon @ 2:53 PM:

    Don't try to defend a culture that pays lots of $$$ for gold jewelry, yet is obese. Yes, I've now brought race into the argument, because I don't see a lot of White or Mexican rappers wearing that same jewelry. Are you trying to defend the race or the hip hop culture? Is obesity a part of the culture that you will also defend?

    I don't think of rappers of any sort as fortunate. The same way I wouldn't call most celebrities fortunate. To be fortunate is to be articulate, well-versed on a multitude of topics and to have an undergraduate degree, at the least.

    Please inform us the cultural significance of wearing such jewelry. I would like to know what you describe as this need for it.

    But let's be honest, the issue of racism won't be squashed until undergraduate and graduate institutions hold ALL students as equal, without holding any bearing to diversity issues.

  10. I find having a piece of jewelry that restates your "name" tacky. So be it. :)

  11. Clearly, we have a difference of opinion. I could argue about whites and there over-sized houses and how they've been raping defenseless countries for years just so that they can have wealth, but im sure you couldnt understand that as well. Keep living in you tiny little bigoted world. As long as you can sleep at night, Im sure there's no need to reevaluate your prejudices. I've learned a long time ago from living in the south around rednecks that there no getting through to you all. have a nice day

  12. From Sweden5/25/09, 3:24 PM

    What was liberal about my statement?

    Nothing. Liberalism had nothing to do with it at all. Liberalism is a political philosophy.

    It’s incredible that you will try to shut me up by writing ”it’s like take a brake once and a while”. That is not very democratic and instead of debating my statements you tried to diminish me to “European thoughts” or by saying “get some hobbies”

    When you failed to answer you tried to insult me.

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  14. I don't see how Soulja Boy wearing a big gold necklace is any different than Lady Gaga wearing her orbit and robot outfits, Elton John wearing big glasses and a neon suit, etc. Performing artists, especially pop, have worn flashy clothes for decades. Yes, hip hop has developed its own style. Woop dee doo. I think it's great Soulja Boy finished high school and he's a lot better in person than I imagined, but I still hate his songs. It's the same verse over, and it's non-stop on the radio.

  15. idk why this is a black/white thing
    not all hip hop artists are black..

  16. Chordate :

    All those people you mentioned are tacky.

  17. What's wrong with being tacky? I can mention other examples of flashy outfits besides those two, and I'm sure you can think of some too. If his biggest crime is being tacky, who cares? Most performers are tacky.

  18. Why is it impressive to graduate from high school?

    I love when African American people blame racist tendencies on rednecks. That's like calling the kettle black. C'mon.

    And Sweden, I told you to get some new hobbies because all your comments seem to be negative. Or you try to say something that comes from a book but it just doesn't read that way and not because you spell things wrong, but because you just don't make sense. You use Paris Hilton as an example. I would call her tacky. This has nothing to do with the color of Soulja Boys skin. I just can't stand when people flaunt the race card...it's like deal with facts. Like I said, society will be equal when law schools accept individuals because of their merit and not because of their skin color. :)

    Besides...I don't believe in democracy. I'd like to think I do, but I know that I don't. I believe in people that "do" instead of people that "talk it out." :)

  19. of everything that is out there these days. i'm okay with my nephew listening to this. I have heard much worse music. but i will be honest, the lyrics lack a sophistication, but it's his music and he's just 18, so how much can you blame him?

  20. to anon 3:55
    amen to that !!!(black man by the way)

  21. Barbara and Whoopi were like mothers to him.....it was sweet the advice that Barbara gave him to save his money. I thought it was a cute segment!!! :)

  22. Oh my God!!! I knew that Soulja Boy having 21 comments was about race because in America it always is. I really hope that by us having an African American President we are finally able to have a valid discussion on race because although this country is diverse no one understands each other here. America has a plethora of great qualities but we are completely divided as a nation.

    Now to my points I would like to make: no i do not like Soulja Boy as a rapper even though I am African American this one person does not speak for the entire race of people. Secondly I also do not like huge jewelry that is just my taste. But I do NOT think everyone is like me, I have seen women with wedding rings that take up two fingers I personally would not wear them but she is entitled to do what she wants, not my money or my life. So I am able to disagree with her choices without it being about race. And obviously the people who bring up race or ignorant and do not understand anything about anybody outside of themselves. Reading comments like that make it hard for me to proud to be an American bc I feel like no accepts me as just that, I must be an African American or black or some type subcategory.

    And to the person who made the comment about obesity I do believe I have seen my share of obese white people. First of all understand what African Americans eat this has to do with food culture and lack of funds to buy from a Whole Food Mart. ANd many African Americans especially where I am from ( Louisiana) take pride in their food although it may be unhealthy.

    And to the person who made the comment about his articulation, I am sure he can speak correct grammer but he choses to use ebonics that has to do with his culture.

    Also to the person who made the comment about only people with undergraduate degrees are well-versed and somewhat above everybody else, HOW DARE YOU!!! I know plenty of "educated" people who are crooked, devious, and sometimes are just plain ignorant. That degree doesn't say anything about character!! THere are plenty of people who work in factories and plants all over this country who make a decent living and support their families so you think less of them? Michelle Obama has stated that she comes from a family of factory workers who worked as hard they did to give her a better life!! WHat is wrong with you people, sometimes I get soooo sick of living here, We are all people and we deserve to do what we want with our lives. They are our own!

    So do you think the women and men on the REal Housewives of Orange County, New York, New Jersey, and Atlanta are tacky? THey show an enormous of money in either houses, clothes, jewelry, purses, cars, and their lifestyle period. I did not see these comments when they came on the show, such hipocrits!!!

  23. GEEZZZZ! You all brought in the race card and the fat card!

    Get a life, will ya?!

  24. Anon @ 5:06 pm:

    Obesity: Are you defending it? (The last I checked, apples cost around 50 cents, green peppers $1.29, chicken sausage $3.99, etc.)

    Education: Are you saying that it's unnecessary? Nowhere in that person's comment was it said that they disrespected people without degrees. Read a person's comments before making your own statements. Geez!

    Articulation: It's ok to blend in to one's culture to fit an image rather than to sound intelligent?

    As for those shows, the women in Atlanta for sure are tacky. NY & NJ seem to be "more real", albeit still fake-looking. But I still love the Jersey girls show so far! :)

  25. Mexican rappers!!?? hahahaha

    keep on eating burritos

  26. I am shocked and awed by the immaturity of some of the posters. This is an 18 year old kid who even though he might not be the most articulate person out there has a work ethic that most of us could learn from. He did something those of us on this site wish we could do. Instead of talking negative about people he went out there and made something of his life. At 18 years old he is not making his music for us of a certain age (over 24) his target audience is teenagers. So if you don't like it I am sure he isn't losing any sleep over it. As for the gaudy display of jewelry, he is 18 what do you expect. If he was 35 I would say something but he just graduated high school a year ago.

    To the person who made the comment about White and Mexican rappers not wearing garish accessories... my question to you is, do you know any? If you do are they as well known as this young man? Don't give me Eminem because he is at least 35.

    As for Obesity... that is an American problem not just a African American problem. You people need to educate yourselves before you go around talking about the articulation of a 18 year old.

  27. Anon 5:45 pm:

    You are missing the point entirely. The point is that instead of investing or doing good with his money, regardless of age, he is using it to buy an accessory. And I'm sure he has a million. I allow people to have material goods, but there's a point at where it becomes unnecessary. This is the same problem that got people in foreclosure trouble and credit card debt....excessive splurging. I don't care if he's 18 or 35. I don't care about his target market. I'm 24 so I'm his target market essentially. I could care less about whether he was Black, Mexican, White, etc.. The point is that I don't respect most people that don't get an undergraduate degree. The reason for this is because I believe that people have stopped learning. I will respect a factory worker if they have a love of reading or art museums. And I will respect an undergraduate student that continues learning. My issue has to do with a change of morals and that people find it acceptable to own such jewelry. The moral fiber of inner cities needs to change so that athletes and hip hop musicians aren't respected, but scientists, health care professionals, teachers, etc. are respected.

    Also, seeing that the demographics are changing such that Hispanic and African Americans are becoming the majority, obesity is predominantly a cultural problem. Of course every race has this problem, but you can't mess with the fact that it's predominant in African American and Mexican culture.

  28. thank you. 5:45 anom. best yet! This kid isnt hurting anyone and was clearly smart enough to spin a dream into reality ON HIS OWN! AT 16?! WOW. to criticize him is just pathetic! completely pathetic!

  29. It doesn't take a genius to recognize he's a materialistic buffoon. People like him are a dime a dozen. So clich├ęd.

  30. Michelle71.....WOW! Thanks for exposing your racist views. To say that the women on housewives of atlanta are tacky and the housewives of new york or new jersey have class... wow... can you sayyyyy.. BIASED BIGOT???... LMAO. They are all clueless and trashy, so for you to only put down the black version is just... Ugh. You disgust me.

  31. "All we did was lay in bed and have hot milk and cookiees"

  32. Anon @ 6:18 pm:

    I watch those TV shows. :) That's why I made that comment, not based on some racist view. I DVR it, watch it and love escaping through it. And the Atlanta version is not some black version. There was a white female on that too. I'm just saying the Atlanta one OUT OF them all is the most boring. That's not a racist view, that's an entertainment view.

    Not my fault that you're so negative with your interpretations of everything. :) Maybe if I knew that you watched the seasons...all the seasons, then I wouldn't think you're crazy, but that's doubtful!

  33. Wow. People in the US are so racist!!! As an outsider looking in, I just have to laugh at you guys wanting world respect but you treat your minority citizens with such disdain. I think it is tacky to bleach one's hair super blonde but I am sure Pamela Anderson, Holly Madison, Heidi Montag, are all queens to be worshipped to you. Leave him alone!

    You don't know what his finances are like and you don't know how much he donates to charity. If he wants to buy a big chain, let him. Some celebrities indulge in fancy cars, homes, jewellery, or younger women. So be it.

    I think a lot of you are jealous that a young black kid is not as affected by the recession as some of you are.

    I am surprised Americans saw fit to elect the president they have.

  34. He is cuter than I thought!

    I remember when this song came on and everyone was doing the dance!

    Kudos Soulja Boy!

  35. I am black and I am totally ashamed of Soulja Boy. First, as a previous commenter pointed out he IS a materialistic buffoon and, in my opinion, no worse but no better than Pamela Anderson, Heidi Montag, etc. It is sad that they didn't get just as many denigrating comments.

    But with so few positive black (especially male) role models in the music industry, I have to say Soulja Boy's doing a lot to push through those long-held stereotypes..way to go supermanning those hos brotha! (btw that's when a guy ejaculates on a sleeping woman's back, allowing the bedsheets to kindly stick to her back in the morning)

    BECAUSE he's black, and because the public draw stereotypes from the few black representatives in the entertainment industry, as a black person myself, I do find his actions (and his talentless lyrics) cringe-worthy.

  36. And materialistic crap-rap is NOT our culture, thank you. If the majority of a consumers of a certain genre of music is white (as are the consumer of Soulja Boy and most mainstream rappers) than it definitely not indicative of African-American culture.

    It is more indicative of the materialism of American culture in general (ala Paris Hilton). African-American culture is extremely regional and variable. And geez...people online ARE racist. I guess I shouldn't be surprised...

  37. It's funny how people see rappers' bling bling and get offended. Yet, when see countless examples of Armani suits, and mansions in Beverly Hills being exposed in our culture ALL the time! Showing off you're rich is an AMERICAN thing! Very few multi-millionaires walk around in normal clothes and normal everyday cars. It's the BMW cars with huge mansions, a nanny, a gardener, etc.

  38. I hate the song, but I dont hate him.And people shouldn't hate him because he wears "bling" He is a goo person, regardless of what horrible song he raps. Or anything

  39. Um.. the person who brought up the non-sequitur about racial admission to colleges definetely has a chip on his shoulder about something. It was just hilarious to see how they said race didn't mean anything and then let this topic rear it's ugly head even though this was not Hot Topics discussing anything. Um sure if Soulja Boy was white, the discussions above here would not have happened and this would have been a lowkey comment section. Tsk tsk. For shame.

    I'd also like to note to the person who thinks only college educated folk is worthy of their respect, there are alot of college graduates I know who are total dumbasses and lots of wise smart people I know who didn't go to college. If you think the college educational system doesn't have it's loopholes (cheating is a huge issue with the technology out nowadays) then you are very naive.

  40. My chip on my shoulder is that African Americans and other races are all for equality and diversity programs when I believe the philosophy of, "You want whose best for the job, regardless of skin color." I don't like how institutions have diversity programs and place such importance on race because of it. This is predominant in law school admissions.

    Anon @ 10:27 pm:

    My point wasn't about college educated folks vs. non-college educated folks. It was about learning and not learning. Re-read the statement before going off on some tangent. Sheesh!

  41. If it wasnt about college, then why did you bring college into the equation? "At least an undergraduate degree?" What is up with that?

    And as the affirmative action debate, it should not have been brought up in this discussion, it has absolutely no relevance to what people were originally talking about...the bling on Soulja Boy's necklace!

  42. Y'all just need to calm the f down. Reading the comments before looking at the video can make one think that the guy's a gold wearing clown and I find him to be quite articulate and grounded. As for his lyrics, they're not only found in rap but in other genres. Let the boy be. What about some open mindedness people. To each their own...

  43. Wow, yes, you all really do need to calm the f down! Well said, anon @ 3.58.

    Also, I really think the person (anon at 6.23, 5.23 ad 3.55 REALLY needs to stop doing this :) after you make a point which people might not agree with, just so you seem nice while saying something. It is very, very annoying, and you do it on your posts in every single episode).

    You come across like a complete closeted idiot :).

    See, annoying and fake isn't it.

  44. this county is so full of petty people. Everyone is jumping on this young man because of how he dresses and spends his money. No one seems to realize his age, or gives him credit for following his dream, not trying to be 'ghetto and hood' like the avg rapper, not using all the bad lang, taking care of his family. I mean dang people, i dont see people getting all mad when Jay Leno buys another freakin car he doesnt need or when Oprah "shows off" her money by blowing 50million on a house she doesnt even live in. Come on people GET A LIFE!!!! stop being so jealous and petty

  45. HATERS!!! Keep judging. I personally don't care how he spends his money, that's his prerogative.

    And for the person criticizing Europe..... It is no wonder why we (Americans) come off the way we do. It is because of people like you! Always downing on others with no regard. I have been living abroad for almost a year now and at least Europeans stick to the argument without talking senseless shit. Please stop criticizing the European way of life because you have obviously never been out of the close minded USA. Travel a bit, and then maybe you would know where to lead your arguments. Until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    I personally apologize Sweden, but I know you are better than to classify an entire nation based upon one person's ignorant statements. It is people like you that allow for articulate discussion with meaningful results.

  46. Give him a break. he's only 18, still has time to mature. as far as the comment about "why do all black artist...It's not all black artist that display gold. that's like me saying all the kids that shoot up schools are crazy white kids. let's give him some credit he finished high school. check with him 5 years from now, let's give him a chance to experience life.

  47. Although I am not a fan of this young rapper and most certainly not a fan of the image. I think people not IN the poor black community have no idea on why certain people FROM those communities behave and speak the way they do. I think people judging said people should be ashamed and step down from their high horse. This kid said he wants to go to school, I applaud him for doing something positive and getting his family OUT OF THE GHETTO/PROJECT HOUSING through music and his talent to relate to his generation through music. That's something to admire. There IS a reason young black men wear lots of jewlery to SHOW their wealth and it stems back to them not being respected WITHOUT having some kind of riches to proclaim. Of course this would escape the average person whom hasn't had to deal with the issues that some of these young men have had to deal with. I went to school with majority suburban white kids, and no they weren't wearing their money around their necks or fingers..most of them were putting it in their veins or up their nose..DRUGS! And it wasn't THEIR money but the allowance their naive parents awarded them JUST for being a child of theirs.