Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Topics: Econ chief Timothy Geithner won't rule out middle class tax increases


  1. Amandine Anne8/3/09, 1:29 PM

    really funny that last part !
    = )
    thkx 4 sharing !

  2. Again, Whoopie is eating while talking. What is up with that? Very rude. I can't believe they keep allowing her to do that.

  3. omg!!!!.. elizabeth.. President Obama reiterated again that he is not in favor of a plan that raises taxes on middle class families.. i.e people making $250,000 and below. thank goodness joy as the voice for the democrats can eschew bitsys lies.

    obama has only been in for 7months and already the economy is improving, home sales have gone up 13.6%, the clash for clunkers deal is bringing car dealers profit, the banks and some wall street companies are already showing a profit and some are paying back the money they borrowed with interest, he's trying to fix healthcare, the stock market hit a high of 9000 points and so many other good things are happening. he inherited a lot of mess.. so can we please be patient. it's going to take a while to get us in the black, but at least we have a president who isn't sitting on his butt and folding his hands doing nothing!

  4. Anon @ 3:48...

    Foreclosures are still on the rise and still present. The cash for clunkers is a failure because it tells other businesses that theirs can fail but the auto industry is ok to bail out. I would like you to show me how he is specifically try to fix health care? I'm still trying to figure this one out so please let me know about that. You can't judge the stock market by a 1 day rally. Any person that has taken ONE finance course would know that. No, that's right. He's spending his time at Martha's Vineyard and going around trying to sell his policies...which are failing. You failed to mention unemployment rising but apparently you mentioned enough other bad areas to suffice. :)

  5. Unemployment is rising and the worst tax of all is about to hit; inflation.
    Stock market numbers and banks making money is the same type of bubble economics that got us into this mess. The same thing happened with Bush - he inherited the dot com bubble, recession, had his stimulus and the economy rebounded, but it was a phony bubble that eventually burst. This time the dose of stimulus was bigger so the comedown will be a lot worse.

    Also, it's important to criticize the president and hold his feet to fire. It's retarded and extremely predictable of Joy to just keep bringing up Bush every time there's a discussion about an Obama mistake.