Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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  1. The police are equal opportunity discriminators. If you get loud or don't do what they say, they'll ruin your day, regardless of what colour you are.

  2. the fact is that more people of colour get to learn just how many police are "discriminators".

    that aside, though, i have to say, these ladies seem to be struggling more and more with their conversations. i don't know if it's them or if it's me, but i find them to be less and less relevant. so weak.

    of course, i appreciate watching that i might have this opinion. thanks, lester! =)

  3. "I also believe in the Lochness Monster" You gotta love Whoopi!!!!!!!

  4. There's always a few bad apples in the bunch. Many police officers are great men and women who are there to protect the community. But think about how many police officers there are in this country and the fact that they are placed in a job with alot of authority. There's bound to be d-bags on a power trip and racist d-bags too. If you get loud and in their face with them yes they might throw it back at you. But if you're black or another minority there's a much booger chance they'll accuse you of something just because of your race. Like Whoopi said..."Driving While Black".

    The neighbor got commended for calling the police but I think she should have gotten more flak for calling and not knowing who really lived in that house. I bet she assumed it was a break-in because it was a black man.

    As far as this country's come, we've got a long way to go.

  5. Oh god, that should read "much bigger chance"!

  6. The man had a cane for goodness sake.

  7. lol Babs is so elitist
    but i like her

    sherry is getting upset about race issues again
    she does her *i'm a mad black woman* impression again *no offence to anybody* but she shows alot of passion when racism is the topic
    that and god lol

    *driving while black* i'm white but we use that term
    it's true

  8. I think stereotypes will never go away and will continue to grow. It's sad.

  9. I think all the ladies were in unison on this. That being said, I know Whoopi is always trying to be the most rational. This time though, she may have a point on Gates being pissed (rightly so) and escalating the tension and getting the cops to arrest him. BUT... How would an elderly man, who just came back from an out of town trip, being in his home for several minutes now... Feel about cops busting in his place accusing him of burglary??? You know, I don't feel like he escalated it... He proved he was the owner, there was pictures of him and family, he had a freaking cane and is a middle-aged professor living in one of those university properties... COME ON!!!! This was a bad and stupid mistake. The fact that that cop does not want to apologise proves they don't want to admit a bias and mistake! They arrested him after he showed valid ID and took away his freaking cane to handcuff him? How endangered did they feel around this almost senior citizen professor to collectively take and extend this measure to the precinct? Have you seen his pictures? He looks like a regular grandpa for crying out loud! Not your run of the mill gangsta!