Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Topics: The women on The View can't keep their hands off LL Cool J. The murder-suicide of ex-NFL Steve McNair


  1. hi lester thank you for your time and wonderful work postings clips.

    by the way , i often can't watch with dailymotion. clips it revert back to their website n is it possible to fix it? many many thanks.. you fan. from hong kong china.

  2. i don't know lester i prefer the daily motion vids
    but it's your website and i'm only a guest
    thank you for having me

    it's a friday show so of course the first segmnt was sopposed to be fun

    you know what i found funny was during the LL interview whoopie said something about men couldnt fawn over women that way
    and they taped fridays show thursday and that was he opening topic lol

    and i love whoopie really i do
    sometimes she annoys me with the silly faces
    and she cant read a teleprompter to save her life
    that being said
    i've noticed she has scolded sherry several times live for being to flirty and takes the side of the men alot??
    ok maybe im crazy but what do ya'll think?
    did she just never come out?

    i'm sorry but i think she is living life in the closet

  3. most men are different, it's like sherry said they don't complain about being touched. most men like it so they never feel exploited unlike women which is the difference, i believe, although i would never go around groping a man just because i thought he was attractive, but honestly i think most men would love to be groped!

  4. i understand your point anon@1:23 pm
    and i agree with you
    but why does whoopie feel the need to point out what IMO is defending the mens rights not to b touched?
    it seems very strange to me that she feels like she has to make commets to sherry about her lustful comedy
    and on many occasions she has always defended the mans side?

  5. texasman101 i guess whoopie is really all about looking at all the angles she likes to find ways to see every point of view which i guess isn't so bad all the time but i do agree with you too.

  6. your right anon she is the most objective on the panel
    and i agree with you too
    and sherry can sometimes be overly lustful but i think she can be funny and thats her shtick

  7. sherri is funny and am warming to her but she makes the most random ignorant comments sometime..big love for whoopi..she was a bit annoyed with joy today..'i'm done' lol

  8. thank you for the video, but i can't watch it at dailymoton at all. i don't know why, somebody please help me...

  9. Unfortunately I can't watch the Daily Motion Video either. I used to be able to, but the last several times that Daily Motion has been used I have had no luck!

  10. a lot of us can't view daily motion... help pls! :(

  11. hi, hey how come the ellen degeneres show is not on the website anymore?

  12. I think Ellen is on a break.

  13. The daily motion videos are a nightmare for me as I am outside of the states and can't access the videos :( Still, Lester, thank you for all your hard work in putting up these vids!

  14. All these complains about not being able to access Daily Motion out of the States are complete B.S. Daily Motion is a French company operated in France. The only reason you can't view the videos is because you haven't updated your Flash software

  15. I just went to Dailymotion.com.
    The videos can be seen in:

    ITALY U.K.
    JAPAN U.S.

    Either you are from none of the countries listed or you need to update your computer.

  16. Where is the URL then?

  17. to kelvin: it's not BS because a lot of us have updated our flash and we are still having problems. i think it's because a lot of us are located in China and it's not part of the listed available countries. so please check all the facts first before you assume what we say are just merely 'bs'.

    and lester, is there anyway you can fix that problem? thanks so much for all your hard work. i really appreciate that we can view these US shows on a daily basis.

  18. for those who can't watch dailymotion, try firefox 3.5. that should do it. you want need to install flash

  19. Lester,

    I really appreciate what you do and all your hard work by posting these episodes. I just wanted to comment though on the dailymotion videos. In addition to other people having trouble viewing them that are in other countries, overall the sound seems to be off or very low on some and the quality seems to be not as good as when you post them from youtube. Again not trying to complain, just giving my two cents since u seem to switch off between the two.

    If it's easier on dailymotion or you prefer it that way, i understand and will still continue to come to your site. Thanks again!


  21. Hey Lester! Thanks so much for posting these videos. The first thing I do after work is catch up on The View!

  22. hi there, is great work ur doing! i really appreciate it. just wondering- how come u dont upload ellen anymore? i was just so glad u uploaded these before, as i am from germany, its the only way i could see them.

  23. Anna-

    Most shows here such as Ellen and Oprah take the summer off, so no new shows until the fall. The View is one of the few that don't.

  24. Some public wireless servers block dailymotion videos. It could have something to do with dailymotion allowing "inappropriate" content. I noticed that it worked in one county library but it won't work in another county for that reason.

  25. if u can't see daily motion, reload. that's all u have to do.

  26. oh thanks! actually i could have figured on my own. thx for the hint. ;) cant wait for the fall then!