Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot Topics: What do we get out of the space program? Paula Abdul Might Not Return To American Idol


  1. Did the sun make the shadows that you see from the astronauts on the moon? seems odd?

  2. yeah ... the moon landing was a hoax. Why has no-one gone back seeing as technology is much better?

  3. In regards to Paula and Kara DioGuardi, Paula has also made a lot of gaffs on the show. Not just Kara as Sherri had stated.
    Paula actually critique a performance by a contestant, who hasn't even even performed at that point.
    That led to questions about the authenticity of the judging.
    It has led to questions about her sobriety.

    I want Paula out of the show cause she doesn't lend credibility to the show.

  4. i always wondered why no one goes back to the moon again now though..with better tech, it's good to see the difference between now and then...

    alot of people credit the moon landing hoax as the u.s race against the soviet...well, nasa pulled off a great hoax...

  5. Anon 3:38

    Did you watch the whole video? Barbara mentions that we went back 5 more times since then.