Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot Topics: Michael Jackson's will


  1. It REALLY pisses me off how Barbara plugs herself EVERY chance she gets. it's incredibly annoying and she's so not humble about it. i understand she does great things and wants recognition for it- believe me, i get that, but like.. do i have to sit here and listen to someone rant for a half hour about their trip to vietnam, or about who they're gonna interview on 20/20, or about what award they're gonna receive. i mean, ANYTHING the woman does gets such special attention for a LONG period of time. joy behar is getting a new show- joy plugged that in there ONLY twice. imagine if that was barbara. we'd never hear the end of it. it's fucking annoying to listen to, especially when i care about the HOT TOPICS - barbara walter's stories NOT being one of them.

    again i understand shes done great things, but so has whoopi, and she's humble as all hell about it and doesnt talk herself up for hours. barbara should learn a thing or two from her.

  2. I hear you, Fiorella. It is annoying, but she doesn't necessarily do it herself: the women on the panel always go on and on. It's like, "You got the job already!" Geesh!

    Oh! And although I do think that Whoopi shows more humility than Barbara, I am kinda tired of hearing her introduce/and talk about every celebrity as "my friend." Really? EVERYONE is your friend? Wow! I'm not saying she doesn't KNOW or is ACQUAINTED with folk, but FRIENDS? Them ALL? Not really believable.

  3. I hear you, too! However, when the women on the panel introduce Barbara's new show, or her new interview, or her vacation, blah blah fucking blah, look at Barbara's face. Look at it real good when the camera switches to her. She already KNOWS that they're going to introduce whatever thing she's got going on. She then makes a dumb face and is ASTOUNDED when the audience claps for her. Really bitch? The fuck did you expect them to do? It's just so annoying. "I interviewed Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett!" So did millions of other people you old geezer. Get over it. Sorry, I'm just rambling on, lol.

    Whoopi's been annoying me lately too, although I do love her and think she's so intelligent and articulate. You ever noticed when she goes to make a point? God forbid the other women even BREATHE when she's speaking. She's got this superiority thing it seems sometimes, and I don't like it. Again, I love her, but quit the shit already- respect Elisabeth, even though her views are what they are, stop demanding authority when you've only been on for two years.

    And this is why Joy Behar rules - because she does nothing/says nothing to piss me off. GO JOY!

  4. these things are the bad side of the medal. but for the most fans in europe is the show the only way to see whoopi's still "alive". So... and like I said I love Whoopi and Joy

  5. If you don't like the women or the show why are you watching it?