Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hot Topics: "Where & What the Jobs Are" with Andrew Serwer (Managing Editor of Fortune Magazine)

Industries Not Hiring: Construction, Manufacturing, Mining & Logging, Transportation, Warehousing & Utilities, Real Estate & Rental Leasing, Arts/Entertaining & Recreation.

Industries Hiring: Retail Trade, Health Care, Finance & Insurance, Professional & Business Services, State/Local Govenment & Accommodation & Food Services.


  1. What caused America's problems - "Greed!" Well that's hardly the revelation of the century! We have known that for decades! Many have predicted that Capitalism would bring about the downfall of America! Unfortunately America's greed and selfishness has effected EVERYONE, not just them! Nice one!

  2. of course wal-mart is hiring
    they are a monopoly

    put small biss out of biss
    i would hope they have jobs!

  3. okay. I'm annoyed now... WALMART IS HIRING... They are a well run company because they don't take care of their employees, but take care of themselves. HEalth care would be one of majors that Walmart is not handling well for all employees. Thanks for the infomercial for Walmart. YUCK!

  4. I totally agree with the comments above. I can't believe The View is supporting and advertising jobs for Walmart, one of the major contributors to the recession in the first place! Chain giants such as Walmart destroy locally run businesses and sell cheap goods imported from overseas. NOTHING about Walmart is good for the economy of any country.

  5. I'm sure there are people out there right now who would rather have income from employment at Walmart than have no job at all.